A message from the Chair of the Governing Board

Hello and a warm welcome from the Governing Board at Walmsley CE School.

My name is Russell Dyson and I was elected as Chair of Governors in September 2021.

As a parent at Walmsley, I have seen first-hand the dedication and professionalism of all staff; collectively they have created an environment which grows well-rounded, confident and passionate learners. 

I have the privilege of being supported by a knowledgeable and experienced group of school governors. We have expertise in education, finance, safeguarding, law, HR, health and safety management, engineering and construction as well as representation from Christ Church Walmsley and a local ward Councillor. Our key roles are to plan the strategic direction of the school, to oversee the school’s financial management to ensure money is well spent and also to hold the head teacher and senior leadership team to account for the educational performance of the school

We are a very committed and active governing board. As well as fulfilling our duties by both supporting and challenging Mrs Atherton and the senior leadership team and monitoring activities and progress in school, we also enjoy being involved in day to day events. We look to ensure there is a strategic vision and that the school moves forward, in line with our ethos of “where getting better never stops”.

As Governors we are immensely proud of Walmsley CE School and the wonderful community spirit that helps make this school what it is. We want every child to do the best they can and fulfil their potential. The behaviour of children at school is courteous, considerate and most of all, focused on learning. All of this makes Walmsley CE School a great place to be – for children, for parents and carers, for visitors, for staff and for governors.


Mr Russell Dyson (Chair of Governors)


What is the governing body?

The Governing body is a group of people who are responsible for every aspect of school life, what is taught, who is employed to teach it and the environment they teach in. Governors certainly have considerable responsibilities, but they don’t exercise them as individuals. All Governor decisions are corporate as is the responsibility for decisions made.

Governors do not manage the school. The Senior Leadership Team, led by the Headteacher and supported by the governing body, are responsible for realising the school’s aims and priorities whilst continually striving for educational, spiritual and moral excellence.

Governors are responsible for the strategic management of the school and give support in many different ways. We have many responsibilities, many are required by law. They include:

  • The strategic leadership of the school including all the responsibility for the school’s finances and governance
  • Responsibilities to the Church and Diocese
  • Supporting the Senior Leadership Team
  • Being involved in and approving and supporting the planning of the school's future development and direction
  • We do have high expectations of what the pupils can achieve; we check and monitor these regularly and this links to all the staff too
  • We listen to the teaching staff and support them in all areas of teaching and learning with reports coming to Governors on progress 
  • We support the school in providing for all our pupils including those with special educational needs, and those with gifts and talents; inclusivity is a key aspect of our checks and balances
  • We are accountable for the performance of Walmsley to parents and the wider community, and must ensure that community cohesion remains part of school life
  • We have responsibility of the building, health safety and welfare of all who visit or use or occupy the building and grounds
  • We have an annual Governors Learning Walk, and we also visit school at other times of the year too. Whenever possible we are also in school for all those very special events, performances and services, and we share parents’ joy at the achievement of each and every pupil. We do so like to see the pride and love that shines from parents as they watch their children at these events
  • Most of all as Governors we have a Code of Conduct; discretion and confidentiality are our bywords. We may not always be visible, or known to you, nor are we vocal, but we give our time, skills, talents and passion for education for the benefit of all the pupils who attend Walmsley Church of England Primary School. 

The role of a Governor can be very varied, challenging and fulfilling. Full training is offered by the Diocese and Local Authority, which has support set up just for Governors. If you are interested in becoming a Governor, Mrs Atherton will be pleased to provide further details.




Governing Body Code of Conduct

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