Year 6 Staff

Mr Alastair Catterall

Mr Alastair Catterall

Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Rachel Saxby

Mrs Rachel Saxby

Year 6 Teacher

Miss Jennifer Brookes

Miss Jennifer Brookes

Year 6 Teacher

Miss Kate Leamey

Miss Kate Leamey

Year 6 TA


Welcome to Year 6 


Welcome to Year 6.  As Year 6 children, we like to work hard, show resilience in our learning and we get to experience many wonderful opportunities.  

Useful Information                                                                                    


You will have PE on a Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.   Please come dressed in the school PE clothes.



Homework will be marked on a Friday, and new homework will be given on a Friday.    You can bring your homework into school when you have completed it, and leave it in your tray ready for the Friday. 

You expected to read every night from a book of your choice, this needs to be recorded in your homework diary. 100 recommended books are in your homework diary.

Try to regularly go onto Times Tables Rockstars to help keep your times tables top of mind.  Your password should be in your home-school diary.  

Spelling tests will also take place on a Friday. These will be stuck in your diary each week so you have them at home to learn.  

Useful Documents for Year 6 Parents

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MATHS SATs revision websites:

Arithmetic questions

Reasoning questions by topic area

Activities and games

Maths videos to revise a concept and worksheets with answers

SATs style questions linked by topic area

Grammar Guide for Parents:

Grammar guide for parents

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Information for parents about SATs and end of the year activities.  

Year 6 SATs Information for Parents 2024

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