The school has a uniform, which is expected to be worn with pride.

School Uniform Items


Shorts / Trousers / Skirt / Pinafore Dress


V-Neck / Crew Neck Sweatshirt or Cardigan

Royal Blue

Shirt or Polo Shirt


Summer Dress

Blue Checked


Black, Grey or White

Shoes with Velcro fastening (not trainers)


PE Uniform Items


PE Shorts or


Jogging Bottoms


T-Shirt - Embroidered or Plain


School Embroidered Hoodied Sweatshirt or

School Sweatshirt/Cardigan (see above)

Royal Blue


Preferably Black


Permitted jewellery that may be worn is:

  • One pair of stud earrings – no other piercings are permitted.
  • A smart and sensible wrist watch.

Jewellery is the responsibility of the pupil and not the school. Lost or damaged items will not be refunded. All jewellery must be removed during PE lessons.

It is advisable that children do not wear jewellery to school on PE days. If they cannot remove stud earrings then they come to school with them taped over.

School bag

EYFS and KS1 Children require a book packet.

KS2 Children may use an appropriately sized waterproof bag to carry their books and equipment.

School bags featuring inappropriate images, slogans or phrases are not permitted.

The school encourages pupils to bring non-valuable bags to school. The school will not be liable for lost or damaged school bags.


The school reserves the right to make a judgement on where pupils’ hairstyles or hair colours are inappropriate for the school environment; however, will ensure that any such judgements do not discriminate against any pupil by virtue of their protected characteristics. Each individual pupil’s scenario will be taken into account where any judgements on appropriateness are to be made, and parents will always have the freedom to complain via the school’s Complaints Procedures Policy.

Pupils with long hair must ensure that this does not impede their vision, cover their face or provide a health and safety risk. Long hair must be tied up during practical lessons, e.g. during PE.


Children should not be wearing make-up and nail varnish unless directed by the school.


We are very lucky at Walmsley School to have Keith Lucas from Contract Schoolwear who sells our school embroidered badge on sweatshirts, cardigans and polo shirts.  Mr Lucas is at school every Friday morning from 8:00am, situated on the car park.  Please go and see him if you need to purchase any uniform.  Mr Lucas also stocks trousers, pinafores, skirts and lots more.  Please see his price list below.  Mr Lucas also offers a 'home service' at no extra cost.  If you cannot visit him on Friday morning, please give him a call on 07883 844 185 or 07543 355 404, or alternatively by e-mail on:

School Uniform

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