Sports Premium Funding

Here at Walmsley CE Primary we understand and value the importance of physical activity and sport in the lives of our young pupils. All children are encouraged  to take part in a range of sports and  activities both within the curriculum and  extra-curricular activities. 

 We used our grant in the following ways:

Entry and  transport fees for local school competitions.

High quality CPD for all staff in various areas of  the PE curriculum with a particular focus on invasion games.

Broadening the range of sports on offer both in and out of curriculum time.

Organising inter-school competitions.

Updating and increasing our sports equipment.

 The impact of this spending has been:

 A well-resourced curriculum allowing al children the opportunity to take a full part in a range of activities during lesson time.

 Opportunities for a larger number of children to take part in inter-school competitions.

 Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils having even more opportunity to take part in a sporting club provided by the school

 All staff  have accessed professional development opportunities in PE.

The majority of our pupils experienced at least one new sport last year.

Sport Premium Funding

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