Welcome to your PTA


Welcome to Walmsley School Parent Teacher Association


Welcome to our wonderful Walmsley School PTA.  Firstly we would like to introduce you to our committee that is made up of parent volunteers:-

Lily Grafton – Chair – Year 4 Parent

Mukhtar Valli - Co Vice Chair – Year 3 and Year 5 Parent

Michelle Smith - Co Vice Chair - Year 4 Parent

Sarah Talbot – Treasurer – Year 3 Parent

Kate Wicklen – Co Secretary – Year 3 and Year 5 Parent

Why does school have a PTA?

The main function of our PTA is to support school by fundraising so that we can enhance, enrich and improve experiences for all children.

How do we fundraise?

We plan fun and exciting PTA events for the children, parents and carers.  Previous years events include:

  • School Discos
  • Easter Bingo
  • Summer Fair
  • Clothes Bag drop off

We work in partnership with local businesses that sponsor the PTA.  We currently have 4 business sponsors:

  • Cardwells Estate Agents
  • Fireside Studio
  • Schools Out Kids Club Ltd
  • Bolton Denture Centre

Our business sponsorship is £200 for the year.  As part of the sponsorship, the business logo will be advertised on the school’s newsletters which are sent to all parents.  If you or someone you know would like to become a PTA business sponsor, please contact Lily Grafton on 07885 678 317.

We apply for grants from external companies.

We enter fundraising schemes such as the Asda and Tesco token schemes.

We also enter lots of competitions.

What do we fundraise for?

The PTA fundraises for lots of different things each year.  We work closely with the school, parents and children to see where the PTA money is best spent.

During the 2021/2022 academic year, we raised £17K to renovate the Key Stage One playground, which was a huge achievement.

How can you become part of the PTA?

As a parent or carer, you are automatically part of the PTA when your child joins the school.

You can send your contact details to Lily Grafton on 07885 678 317 and these will be added onto the PTA WhatsApp group where we share ideas, schedule meetings and plan events.

The school will also send out information from the PTA on the newsletters and via the School Gateway App.

How can you get involved?

Being part of the PTA is a great opportunity to socialise with other parents and carers and in turn this helps to support the school you chose for your child.

You can help by –

  • Attending meetings in person or through a Teams login.  Meetings are planned in advance; we always understand people’s availability is subject to change.  Everything discussed in meetings is always communicated afterwards through the PTA WhatsApp group and through minutes, which are available on request from the school office.
  • Helping out at events.  The amount of time you volunteer is completely up to you as we know that everyone has busy lives.  We are a no pressure group.  You can volunteer at events that suit you.
  • Sending through fundraising ideas. All ideas are welcomed and much appreciated.

Contact details

We would love to hear from you.  If you would like to find out more about the PTA, please contact Lily Grafton on 07885 678 317.


Lily Grafton

PTA Chair


PTA Committee Roles

PTA Committee Roles

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