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Welcome to your PTA

We'll keep this brief because we know you already have a lot to do before you join our school community. But, since we're a friendly bunch, we'd really like to introduce ourselves and tell you some key information about the PTA (that's Parent Teacher Association), how you can help us, and what's in it for you.

It has been a strange 18 months and we hope we are now on an even keel. As a gift to the new Reception class and to introduce ourselves we are donating a lovely new book to each child in the Reception year.

Why does the school have a PTA?

Our group is called Walmsley C of E School Parent Teacher Association and has been running for 40 years. Wow maybe its time for an anniversary celebration. I would like to think we’re a lively group of volunteers.

The main function of our PTA is to support the school by raising as much money as we can to enhance, enrich and improve learning experiences for the children. We also provide those 'little extras' that make school memorable, although this last year has been a little difficult as I am sure you can imagine and fundraising has been tight. In order to help with the pandemic we were able to help the school with some much needed computer equipment, but we would have loved to have helped more.

We also exist to bring the communities of school and home closer together because it makes sense for parents to be involved in the life of their chosen school.

Lastly, we’re here for the simple reason that we want to get together socially, meet new people and have fun!

The PTA is run by a committee who are all volunteers. We have a very active WhatsApp group that anyone can join and contribute too, we find it’s the easiest way to obtain ideas and feedback from all the parents.

We might sound like an abstract group of people, but we're parents, carers, friends and allies – just like you. Not so long ago, we were new too.

Quick and easy ways to start helping

A quick way to start helping, and with no cost to yourself, includes using the Easy Fundraising and Amazon Smile apps when you shop on-line. When you register and select Walmsley CE School PTA as your charity every time you shop a small percentage of the cost you pay is donated to our School. The link to the apps is at the bottom of the weekly school newsletter.

What are we raising money for next?

We always try to respond when asked to help the school, and after the work is done, it's so rewarding to see the children enjoy new resources and equipment provided by the PTA.

At present the school playground is in desperate need of repainting, all the existing markings have worn in recent years, as you will be aware this had been used immensely in the last year. We are

constantly entering competitions in order to try to win a contribution towards this. You will often find links on the Walmsley Parents Facebook page asking for help to win something. We are also working towards obtaining grants to help with the IT equipment.

How we keep you up-to-date with our activities?

Facebook page We post notices about all upcoming ideas on our Facebook page as well as reminders about events and requests for volunteers.

Book bags We put flyers, sponsor forms and notices in book bags.

Newsletter The school have a weekly newsletter in which we contribute ideas and reminder.

When are the next meetings?

No meeting is currently planned, but we are hoping to have one during the first term and after everyone has settled into school life.

How can you get involved?

All new parents are automatically members of the PTA when their child starts at the school. The more people become involved, the more we can achieve and the easier it will be.

Even if you have younger children at home, or only a small amount of time, could you come to a meeting, help us apply for a grant, set up an event, serve food, ask a local business or supermarket for support or design a poster? Perhaps you have a professional skill you could help us out with? You don't have to come into the school; many of our volunteering tasks can be done from home. Any contribution is welcome.

Contact details

We'd love to hear from you. If you want to find out more about the PTA and our activities, please contact Mukhtar Valli (07554 433221, maaavalli@gmail.com). Our committee members are…

Vanessa Mason - Chair Year 1 parent

Mukhtar Valli – Vice Chair Year 1 & Year 3 parent

Lisa Fairclough - Treasurer Year 4 & Year 2 parent

Kate Wicklen – Co Secretary Year 1, Year 3 & Year 5 parent


Yours faithfully




Vanessa Mason (PTA Chair)


PTA Committee Roles

PTA Committee Roles


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