At Walmsley we have created a curriculum to inspire our children and deliver rigour and high standards throughout. We believe in providing our children with an education that not only develops their key knowledge, skills and understanding but offers them a broad experience across a range of subjects.

Our curriculum is divided into six areas of learning and is based on Manchester Diocese Syllabus, Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and the National Curriculum. Each area encompasses a range of subject areas of learning which can be studied individually or together.

The broad curriculum has been designed to offer opportunities for children to use and apply their English and Mathematics skills, knowledge and understanding in other subject areas. As we prepare children for the future, Digital Literacy ensures they will use modern information and communication technologies across the curriculum.

An Early Years Guide for Parents from 4Children

A Complete Guide for Parents from Rising Stars


You can find out more about our curriculum by viewing our 'Learning' sections on our website.